Stanly generators offer a wide range of control panels to meet the specific application or project needs from the standard control panels with provide more than enough measurements and control to advanced control system with synchronization and remote monitoring solutions.


Automatic transfer switch panels (ATS) are essential in standby application, which monitor the main source and send a remote message to the generator incase of error. Also when the genset is ready, the load is switched to the genset instead of the main and return to mains when it return and shutdown the genset.


For applications that require power more than any single genset or flexible system that need efficient fuel consumption and optimized gensets run and load factor. Stanly generator synchronization panels can sync between upto 32 gensets for output power upto hundreds of MVA

Advanced Communications Solution

Web-based control and monitoring solution for DSE compatible modules with real-time generator and system information in an easy to use format with a flexible means of data transmission through Ethernet or GSM 3G.

Moreover location information can be provided by an external GPS antenna. System offers automatic system alerts which are sent to multiple users via email and/or SMS

Remote Overview Display

The Remote Overview Display module is compatible with up to 20 DSE86xx, DSE87xx & DSE88xx Load Share Modules.

In addition to remote system monitoring form a maximum distance of 1.2 km on RS485, It offers comprehensive graphs, charts, metering, trend analysis, pow- er display and engine status information in a clear image and text format. with wide range of connections RS232, RS485, and ethernet communications.