High Performance

- Powered by world leading Perkins or Volvo Engines.
- UK-Made Stamford or Meccalte Alternators.

Large range of power to suit your needs

Stanly Industrial range use Perkins or Volvo engines, with the choice from Stamford or meccalte alternators. Industrial range output range from 7.5 kva to 300 (Prime Power) and 9 to 330 kva (Standby Power).  


All rating are according to ISO 8528, ISO 3046, DIN 6271, at specific environmental conditions of (25 C, 30% Humidity, 100 meters above sea level).For site conditions other than standards ISO conditions, Please consult Stanly Technical Support

World Leading Engines

Engineering a generator to provide world class performance, low fuel consumption and outstanding durability required high quality components. At the heart of Stanly diesel generators is a world-leading diesel engine, known for the exceptional performance and durability. With the choice of different high quality, European-made engines from Perkins ®, Volvo ® engines. With wide availability of parts and support extending to over 100 country all over the world.

Perkins Engine

World Class Alternators

We offer the choice of three of top tier alternators in order to fulfill the aim of a high-performing, durable generators. All of them are synchronous, brushless alternators that in addition to being efficient and robust, they provide worry-free performance for years to come.


Motor Starting Capability

We engineered Stanly Generators to perform optimally in every situation and handle various loads types and conditions; the most diifficult loads for a generator are motor loads, as they require high initial power (starting KVA) to start operation, sometimes reaching up to seven times their rated power.

Motor load can be found in any industry; from air conditioners in residential areas to pumps and compressors in manafacturing industry. Stanly Generators offer different alternator options to fit your application even with high motor loads.

PMG option offer 30% increase in locked Rotor (sKVA) compared to standard alternator. With the choice of auxiliary winding that offers comparable performance to PMG in an affordable upgrade, auxillary winding option is not available in Stamford ® alternators and standard with Meccalte ® alternator (in SPM series).

*numbers are rounded and based on average between 60 kva alternators (UCI224E,UCI224E+P.M.G,  ECO 32-2L/4) and 100 kva alternators (UCI274C,CUI274C+P.M.G,ECP34-2S) and 300 kva alternators (HCI44D,HCI44D+P.M.G,ECO38-2L/N)

*Aux are standard in  SPM and SVM range

*PMG available as an option in SPS, SVS, SPM, SVM